A good marketing plan will keep you motivated and help you achieve bigger goals in a real estate sale. Considering that real estate market can be competitive, you need to plan the future of your business carefully, if you want to succeed. Rolf Kramer will give you an ultimate guide on how to achieve that.

Define your goals

When planning something, you need to have a bigger picture and what are you trying to reach. Whether is 50 listings per year, or good name recognition, of controlling a market in some way.

Target an audience

Select at least two groups which you intend to target. Make sure that group you choose can give you solid feedback, in other words; it is large enough so you can generate the number of sales. To choose an appropriate group, you need to analyze their incomes, age, location, a level of education and profession and their lifestyle.


You need to explain to your clients why you are unique and what differs you from the competition. Keep in mind that customers choose services based on the benefits they provide. Point out your strengths.

Consider the message you are delivering

If you have a right approach and a powerful message, you will be able to grab the attention of many people. Your message should distinguish you from the competition, but also have an emotional appeal. Tell the people what they want to hear.

Choose the best media

It shouldn’t be so hard, considering how much media you can use nowadays. Based on my opinion, the online media is the best solution because people have become addicted to the Internet. They are more likely to see your ad here.

Create an action plan

It is usually a to-do list, where you are going to put all your activities and come up with a plan to market your services. If you want to succeed, you need to be consistent, and that is a key point of marketing. Experts say that people need to hear a commercial 11 times before they can remember it.

Prepare a budget

It is a most challenging task, to create a marketing budget and to invest in it. Avoid guessing and talk to your suppliers, ask them to give you the quotes.

Measure your results

In this way, you will be able to move with your plans even further. Ask your clients how they have heard about you and recorded their responses.

Open a good website

A good website will help you attract even more clients. If you have an organized and equipped web page, full of pictures, reviews, and recommendations, the customers will seek your services. You can always feature video tour of premises, to give your customers a better experience.

Be persistent

You can’t reach anything overnight, so be patient and follow your goals. Don’t give up and stick to this guide or even make your guide which will help you to succeed. Or, you can hire our Brentwood real estate team to help you out.